Vodex: Where our AI listens and then talks…

The world is filled with so many conversations that we have added one more to the mix, but with a twist – Vodex. This Gen A.I. bot is a sweet talker over calls directed towards your customers, but the best part is that it doesn’t just talk to your customers, it listens and then responds.

Now, we all know that listening is a rare skill that needs to be developed now and then. One must learn to keep quiet and listen to what the other person is saying to truly understand their needs, requirements and accordingly guide them based on what they are saying. It's about that moment when the AI on the other end of the line pauses, not to reload a script, but to truly hear what your customer is saying.

Let us share a real live incident with you, of course the names have been changed for privacy reasons.

"Hi David," Vodex began, its voice warm and genuine. "I am an AI based bot contacting you. I understand you've been having trouble with your subscription again. Can you tell me more about what's happening?"

David, taken aback by the human-like AI's voice and attentiveness. He started sharing his concerns. Vodex listened patiently, asking clarifying questions and even offering possible solutions based on David's past interactions.

Vodex wasn't just mimicking human conversation; it was having a real conversation. It was understanding David's frustration, his needs, and his history with the company. By the end of the call, David felt satisfied and heard. The issue was resolved quickly and efficiently, but more importantly, David felt like a valued customer.

So, this is how Vodex works. Just to give you a bit more clarity on the tech front. Of course, we write and train what the bot has to say to the customer, however just how every individual on planet earth is unique so are their answers. After a few calls the bot develops a reserve of knowledge which helps it to understand the person to whom they are talking to better. Hence it listens more, understands more, and responds better. Of course, it is only after a few trials and errors that it has reached this stage.

We are proud of our product which can listen and communicate just like a human. All it asks of you is for a little patience and time to understand what you want it to do. In a world filled with automated interactions, Vodex stands out. It's a reminder that sometimes, the most powerful tool isn't the one that talks the most, but the one that listens the best.

Are you ready to experience the Vodex difference? Let your customers know you're listening.

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