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Smart, simple, easy to use software for outbound phone call automation.

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What is Vodex

Checkout this 5 minutes video to get an overview of Vodex and its top features.

Product Features

Why Choose Vodex

  • Choose your template

    There are hundreds of prebuilt templates specifically designed for your use case. Just choose any one of the template to start your automated calling campaign.

    Lead Qualification Calls
    eCommerce Calls
  • Record your voice

    Just record your voice for difference scenarios. Our templates have detailed explaination to guide you through recording steps.

    Record from app Upload recording Drag and drop upload Trim silence from recording Text to speech Upload multiple recordings
  • Send automated WhatsApp message

    When someone shows interest during automated phone call campaign, send them a whatsapp message automatically.

    Configure Whatsapp Custom Whatsapp Number Send Event based Message Trigger Whatsapp Chatbots Update Customers Automate Followup
  • Create your audience list

    Worried about people not picking up phone call due to unfamiliar caller id? With Vodex you can show your own phone number as caller id to your contacts.

    Custom Caller Id Caller Id Verification Configure any number as Caller Id Swap Caller Id Default Caller Id
  • Run your automated calling campaigns

    Now you can run automated phone call campaign in your own voice. Voice clone technology allows you to convert any text into your own voice.

    Clone Voice Remove Background Noise Text to Speech in cloned voice Remove Silence from Recording Use Professional Voice Natural Voice Experience