Vodex harnesses the power of Generative AI to fully automate your outbound calls, delivering a transformative communication experience. With Vodex, you can expand your reach, generate more qualified leads, connect with more potential customers, and close more deals without increasing your workforce.

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Gen AI-powered sales platform to boost leads and grow revenue

Automate lead nurturing with Vodex's lifelike phone conversations

How Vodex Works? 


AI Drive Interactions with Agents

Tell the AI (Agent) what to talk about in a few words via prompts

The AI Agent learns from each conversation and improves its responses

Copy existing agents for new projects/campaign

Kumar and Anshul have teamed up since 2016, creating chatbots and voice bots. In 2020, they developed Vodex, an innovative platform for making AI-powered, human-like outbound calls. This idea came when a US call center needed a smarter way to handle their calls.

Vodex is more than just a calling tool. It's smart, blends seamlessly with your existing systems, and speaks with customers just like a human. With a 20-person team, mainly based in Bangalore, Vodex is making strides in automated customer communication.

Why choose Vodex? It's simple. Vodex makes your outbound calls smarter and more personal. With 98% speech recognition accuracy, it's like having a real conversation. It's not just about making calls; Vodex integrates with your CRM and offers WhatsApp messaging, making your work smoother and smarter.

Vodex is changing the game for businesses. It's easy to use and helps you connect better with your customers, leading to growth and success. Want to see what Vodex can do for you? Let's talk. Book a consultation with us and expect a conversation to assess if Vodex indeed aligns with your business requirements. And for more info, check out our social media.

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